Window Cleaning Website Helps You Get More Local Customers

If you’re working diligently to secure more customers, here is a hint; first and foremost get yourself on the web. Either using a site or a simple website that permits you to display information in your work ethic, your company profile, and information on cleaning and keeping gutters and windows. Do not forget to include a sign-up form that allows your visitor to be given a complimentary e-book on simple home care or something relating to keeping the home. If you are able to include a testimonial page which not only has actual testimonials of people you’ve worked with but photos of the smiling faces too. Get yourself a window cleaning website.

As soon as you’ve established your own window cleaning website, set the web address on each printed promotional material that you have. As opposed to sending out a strip of paper that you slide under a doormat or that ends up on the front yard of your prospect, drop off a packet of information.

Stuff a little envelope with your sales letter, refrigerator magnet, business card, your special offer printed on another card along with a little brochure. This sort of packet appears thick and will be immediately picked up and opened if it does not seem like a sales piece.

If you obtain a mailing list from a broker, you can get the envelope printed with the title of the person in a handwriting style. This almost guarantees it will be opened. 1 interesting approach used by professional window cleaning operators was the coop drop off.

Several Chamber of Commerce members got together for a joint venture where they created a special gift package that included information on their services and plenty of helpful material for those homeowners. Their websites were prominently displayed and they had links from one another’s sites. They enlisted the assistance of high school children for the local supply.

The four Chamber of Commerce members got involved; place checked the supply effort during to be able to institute quality control. They also took the opportunity to personally hand out their gift packs and met with homeowners daily. When dropping off any substance for home, make certain to set your packet directly at the doorstep; even leaning up against the door. Never leave any promotional material on or within a mailbox; this is a federal crime.

Make certain to establish an auto-responder on your own window cleaning website with a sign-up form to accumulate e-mail addresses. This is where your primary special offer can bring in a flood of prospects to your website. Boost your free offer in the neighborhood newspaper or circular.

Always make it extremely simple for prospects to contact you whenever they have queries. Set a call to action on every one your sales materials and in your own window cleaning website also. Prompts them to do it or they will just ignore you and proceed. Most people will wait until they think they want you until they remember who you are. Give them a reason to contact you straight away.