Best Methods To Protect Against Computer Viruses

The first thing is to be certain that the user account that you are using daily is a normal account, not an admin account. The reason most computer viruses nowadays especially once the drive-by with no user interaction. It actually requires you to be an admin to operate correctly.

So if you are just a typical user and you do not have admin rights, which is not that big of a deal. Then it means that the virus isn’t going to have the ability to install itself. Or if it’s then it means it is not going to be able to hide in system files. So in case you have an antivirus program, it is going to be a good deal easier to eliminate any virus you get.

What you do is have an admin account that you create individually. And make it to a normal account. Should you ever need to do something which needs admin privileges, it will only ask you to type in the password. So this is definitely something I suggest doing. And plenty of people could say, “all that is too much of a pain. I don’t want it”. But it truly is beneficial. It because this is going especially defend you against computer viruses.

User Account Control Setting (UAC)

You should have the maximum User Account Control setting. It’s slightly more annoying. But it’s definitely beneficial in preventing computer viruses from doing things and installing themselves when you do not know about it. So if you’re running a PDF or something. And then all of a sudden you get a pop-up in the user control stating that something’s trying to modify a system file. And you can deny that.

Whereas in the event you do not have it set to do that then it may attempt to install itself. And you won’t even know about it. So that is definitely something that you should do a little bit more bothersome. But definitely, something you will need to do if you need to be protected on your computer.

Antivirus with Web Security

This one might become evident but antivirus specifically one with web security. And the reason behind this again is to prevent you from getting computer viruses. You did not know were there. In the first place like ESET NOD32, that is what I enjoy about it is that if you visit a website which may have a virus on them. If you click it is going to block you from moving to a completely. And now you do not need to think about it.

So I certainly think it’s great to have an antivirus. Most people today say, “Oh… it’s common sense”. Well, sometimes you cannot afford it. You go and do a google search for something. And you visit a website that’s been compromised. You did not know that. You simply click on throw google. you want some form of antivirus for those scenarios. Where you do not know you are even engaging in any dangerous behavior.

Java Security Settings

This is a very common piece of software. That you are going to find plenty of computers. But plenty of times there is new exploits coming out for invulnerability. So you wish to be certain it’s really current. What I’d do is be sure that you have daily updated checks empowers and enable “notify me before installing”. Therefore it automatically downloads and informs you before installing not only prior to downloading.

That way whenever the upgrades prepared you can just click on it and confirm the install. It will not update automatically as far as I understand. Now the actual reason you need to do daily checks for updates is due to the zero-day exploits.

Keep Your Windows Up to Date

I think it’s pretty obvious but I really have to add that enables automatic updates for Windows. I think of Windows 10, you need to enable it. But just be sure that you enable security updates do not place an offer too long. As there are significant updates to go through there. It’ll block vulnerabilities exploits that type of thing. And it is just important overall to keep windows current.

Windows EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit)

Finally, I would like to talk about a very cool program called Windows EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit). Which is truly developed by Microsoft? Basically, what this does is protect against exploits. Now, what happens is that you download the app, it’s going run and track all the apps you set there’s a default list. I think that comes with a lot of ones such as Acrobat, Microsoft Word that type of thing.