The vision and direction of the founders allowed Sias to become the most recommended website security service among web professionals. Since 2008, our globally-distributed team has innovated with a single goal in mind — to create websites safer and quicker in a world of emerging threats.

Our Values


For those who have ever met our staff, there is one undeniable truth — we love this organization and the important work we do. This dedication and love is a necessity for the whole company.


When a website is hacked or under assault, a website owner is at their most vulnerable state. We’ll be the calm in the digital storm, standing by to revive peace of mind.


Our brand is defined by our client and employee satisfaction. We’ll create effective content and products which serve a valuable function and give the best user experience.


The security space is full of snake-oil and unnecessary FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). We’re dedicated to building services in the best interest of website owners.


To be the constant within a growing website security arena.


To build the very best and affordable cloud-based technology and solutions for website security and functionality, while generating the most succinct educational website security tools.