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Because of our new and advanced algorithm, the WebDefender website security and antivirus can protect your website and find the newest and most harmful malware scripts and viruses, providing you with the best protection from current and ever-changing threats


Internet security is quite important when it comes to the computers and network in your house or office. The majority of the time, viruses spread easily over a network link. Once one computer in your workplace becomes infected with a virus, it may spread to the other computers. This may cause time and data loss.

You have to take it seriously when choosing and installing antivirus software at the workplace for your computer and business’s protection. Antivirus software offers numerous benefits. Whenever you install and use it, you’ll get immediate protection. It will prevent the disease entering your network. Additionally it is capable of quarantining a virus in an infected computer, preventing it to creep and spread to other computers.

Antivirus applications not only prevents virus infection to computers but also protects the company from compliance violations, data loss, identity theft, lost productivity and network downtime. It ought to give a broad security in protecting all types of endpoints on your system. If it fails to do so, your whole network is at risk. Read more about TotalAV review and know how efficient their security features.

Moreover, your antivirus should be updated constantly to guard your office network from new viruses which will arrive later on. You’re now living in a contemporary world where virus writers develops as quickly as they can bring harm to everybody personal and business life. Bear in mind that a weak Internet security is harmful. It only proves one thing, the antivirus that you’re using provides ineffective and weak protection. You would not want to risk your business since it might bring down your whole system and left you with nothing.

If you need your PC to be protected, Total AV is prepared to supply you flexible, quick and safe solutions in regards to spyware and virus removal, performance optimization, software installation and setup, along with other general fix.

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I strongly recommend the services of SIAS Security. We began working with the CWIS plugin, easy to install, an expert system that's simple to use and very intuitive. A good deal of options for scanning your website for viruses and vulnerabilities. We discovered that this program provided us with a fantastic solution for our business and excellent service from SIAS.
Andrew Barber
Web Designer
When you have numerous customers and a lot of websites we can not look at everything all the time, so we are in need of someone proactively assessing that on our behalf and assessing that when we want it. Another thing we like is that SIAS knows about security problems before they become an issue -- beforehand.
Jack Anderson
Founder & CEO